Friday, December 8, 2017

Zula's - Nogales

Zula's opened for business alongside US 89 in 1950
Ambos Nogales history goes way back in The Way Back Time Machine. Without doubt, both the American and Mexican Nogales communities have seen many a good or great restaurant grow, thrive and then disappear.  Such is the way of life of restaurants.

The oldest US Nogales restaurant also happens to be one of the city's most popular.  Zula's began in 1950 and is 67 years strong in 2017.

Zula's gets great reviews for its burgers and apple pie.  Most of the reviews give their Mexican food an "average" rating.  Based on reading all available reviews, it appears the establishment has retained at least some of its Mid Century Modern accouterments.

This is an outdated 2001 article but it's a good place to start in getting a "feel" for Zula's earlier days:

Here are the Trip Advisor reviews.  Zula's ranks #5 out of 53 Nogales restaurants.

Here are the Yelp reviews.

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