Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Glades Drive Inn - Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork's Glades Drive Inn got its start in 1954.  The gas station that preceded Glades Drive Inn sat in a strategic location.  It was probably the last gas leaving Utah Valley heading south...or the first gas coming in from the other direction.  (See old photos at end of this post.)

Over the past 60+ years, Glades Drive Inn has staked out a golden, long-standing reputation for "best burger & fries" and many other mouth watering specialties. Their Facebook has over 6,000 Likes! This archived article is 17 years old but gives you a very good idea how Glades Drive Inn has always fit into the local Spanish Fork culture. Glades Drive Inn is definitely a "Must Stop" for US 89 Heritage Tourists.

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Reviews for Glades Drive Inn.
 The photo above of Tink Measom's Texaco Station was posted on the Glades Drive Inn Facebook.  The photo says "about 1930".  Note the vertical mapboard in the background.  For our speculation on that map, see:
 You can easily see how the gas station building morphed into Glades.
 Below is the map graphic that shows Glades Drive Inn location.
Bottom arrow shows US 89 heading north toward Salt Lake City.

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