Sunday, December 17, 2017

Hassayampa - Prescott
Prescott's Hassayampa Inn isn't your ordinary deep-fried roadside restaurant . It is a splendid, first-class, top-shelf dining experience in one of Arizona's premier hotels.  The Hassyampa owes its very existence to one of the first crowd-funding projects in America.  Back in the 20's, local folks were asked to buy "shares" and, voila, this is what they got as a reward.  The Hassayama opened to great fanfare in 1927, just a year after US 89 came into existence.

Today, the Hassyampa can easily lay claim to being the highest class elegant restaurant located right alongside curbside of old US 89 in historic downtown Prescott, Arizona.  Yellowstone's Old Faithful Inn and Mammoth Hotel dining rooms are the Hassyama only rivals between Mexico and Canada!

Below is the Hassayampa history as told by the property's owners:

"Among Prescott hotels, the story of the Hassayampa Inn is truly unique. Even before it was constructed, the Inn helped to bring the people of Prescott together. During the “roaring twenties,” El Paso architect Henry Trost was challenged by a group of residents to design a grand hotel – a place where people could relax, chat and escape the grind of their hectic lives.

Hundreds of Prescott citizens bought shares into the project at $1 each and the result was the construction of a stunning red brick building, completed in 1927, that would serve as the cornerstone of downtown. Back then, it was known as the Hassayampa Hotel.

These warm and welcoming accommodations were named after the Hassayampa River located north of Prescott, which mysteriously sinks beneath the surface for much of its 100-mile journey. The Apache word “Hassayampa” loosely translates as “the river that loses itself” is a fitting moniker for a hotel that was designed to be a place where patrons can emerge refreshed and relaxed.

Today, the Hassayampa Inn remains an anchor in the community. The building is included in the National Register of Historic Places and is a member of the Historic Hotels of America. But most of all, this red-brick hotel is as charming today as it was more than 90 years ago."

 The Hassayampa is definitely light years removed from the typical roadside highway diner!

As one reviewer put it, "I am rating The Peacock Room 5-stars, not because it is the best restaurant I've ever eaten at, but because it is an outstanding example of how a hotel can "get it right" with their on-site dining room. This is a place I would willfully choose again even if I wasn't staying at the Inn."

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