Friday, December 15, 2017

Salt Lake City

The one and only State Street is US 89 through Salt Lake City.  Back in US 89's Glory Days, we have no doubt that State Street was a rhinestone roadway sparkling with beckoning neon glittering in front of motels, diners and sundry attractions.  While there might be a few such ancestral overnight accommodations remaining, it appears 100% of the roadside diners have gone to the great deep fat fryer in the sky.

Salt Lake City's eldest diner was gentrified 15 years ago when auto and sports mogul Larry Miller bought the 1902 Snappy Service Lunch and plopped it into lobbies of multiplex theaters throughout the region.  Snappy Service Lunch was best known for its SPAM and egg sandwich. We'd bet it was a very popular dining spot through the pre-fast-food early decades of US 89.

We've searched high and low for any remaining old diners along State Street.  We've come up empty handed.  There are hundreds of places to eat in Salt Lake City so you're certainly not going hungry there.  Unless and until we can find a historically accurate, culinary certified roadside diner along State Street, we won't be providing a restaurant review for Salt Lake City's stretch of US 89.

If you know of or find a suitable candidate, please send the information to

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