Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mom's - Salina

"Mom's Cafe has been on the cover of National Geographic. It's been the subject of various glowing national restaurant reviews, including "One of the Best Places To Eat in the United States" by Eat Your Way Across the USA. Its walls are lined with famous people who have dined there, from Willie Nelson to Tom Brokaw to Ashlee Judd. Its scones, biscuits and chicken-fried steak have been praised far and wide. People will crawl on their hands and knees for Mom's pies."

With comments like the above and framed proof as seen below, it's easy to understand how the 1926 Mom's Cafe in Salina can call itself "famous".  Mom's is one of those all-time classic highway diners that seems frozen in time, turning out biscuits and gravy just like they did 90+ years ago when US 89 was born.  Mom's is arguably a culinary shrine to US 89's Diner Days, sitting as it does on a key 90-degree dog leg on US 89's route through the Beehive State.
From what we can find online, Mom's has gone through at least a couple of new owners in recent years.  Luckily, the Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews suggest the food and service remain as famous as ever.  The graphic below shows the location of Mom's at Salina's main intersection.

Here are some links to various Mom's stories we found online.’s-cafe-salina-utah/

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